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Class 11 Syllabus and Subjects for 2019 Exam

Class 11 Syllabus and Subjects for 2019 Exam

Through this article you will get to know the details about Class 11 syllabus for June 2019 exam.

Students who are preparing for Class 11 2019 exam should be clear with all the subjects and the syllabus. By going through this article you get all you doubts clear.

Class-11 Subjects for 2019 Exam

Here from the below mentioned tabular column you can find class-11 subjects for June 2019 exam. Subjects
1 English
2 Accounts
3 Business Studies
4 Economics
5 Mathematics

Class 11 Syllabus for 2019 Exam

Accounting class 11 syllabus

Part A : Financial Accounting-I
Theoretical Frame Work 15
Accounting Process 40
Part B : Financial Accounting-II
Financial Statements of Sole Proprietorship
from Complete and Incomplete records
Computers in Accounting 10
Part C : Project Work 10

Business Studies class 11 syllabus

Part A : Foundations of Business
Nature and Purpose of Business 20
Forms of Business Organisation
Public, Private and Global Enterprises 18
Business Services
Emerging Modes of Business 12
Social Responsibility of Business and Business
Part B : Finance and Trade
Sources of Business Finance 20
Small Business
Internal Trade 20
International Business
Project Work 10

Economics class 11 syllabus

Part A Introductory Microeconomics
Introduction 4
Consumer’s Equilibrium and Demand 13
Producer Behaviour and Supply 10
Forms of Market and Price Determination under perfect
competition with simple applications
Part B Statistics for Economics
Introduction 13
Collection, Organisation and Presentation of Data
Statistical Tools and Interpretation 27
Part C Project Work 10

Mathematics class 11 syllabus

Sets and Functions 29
Algebra 37
Coordinate Geometry 12
Calculus 6
Mathematical Reasoning 3
Statistics and Probability 12

Conclusion on Class 11 2019 Syllabus

Here in this we have covered the following points.

  • Class-11 Subjects for 2019 Exam
  • Class 11 Syllabus for 2019 Exam

For further any doubts feel free to ask from the below comment box.

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